Tuesday, March 1, 2016

It's time for the Great American Cleanup in Ouachita Parish

For many, the beginning of March seems marks the unofficial start of the spring season.

For Ouachita Green and its partners, March 1 begins a three-month period known as the Great American Cleanup.

During the Great American Cleanup, volunteers are called to action to clean all areas of Ouachita Parish.  A parish wide cleanup will be held on Saturday, March 19.  Various staging sites will be established around the parish allowing volunteers to register and providing them with cleanup supplies.

The community cleanup provides the public an opportunity to play an active role in the beautification of our parish.  The appearance of our community is the first impression many investors and developers have of this area. The presence of litter is an indicator of more significant problems such as crime, neglect and a community that cares.

In an effort to combat litter and empower local residents, Ouachita Green has established a new litter hotline that is available day and night and on weekends. The Litter Hotline number is 318-460-0LTR (Zero Litter).  Residents are encouraged to use this number when they see littering or illegal dumpsites.  

Ouachita Green encourages the public to take action this spring against litter and help be an "everyday hero" when it comes to keeping our home clean and litter free.

To learn more about the Great American Cleanup or any program hosted by Ouachita Green, visit www.ouachitagreen.org.

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